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The trilobite [beetle] genus (Duliticola) belongs to the family Lycidae, commonly known as net-winged beetles.

This family is a pretty interesting one, because many of its species display huge physical differences between their males and their females. Trilobite beetles are no exception. While the females are easily recognisable – that incredible form is retained from when they were larvae [see Wikipedia neoteny] – the males look entirely different. They pretty much just look like plain old beetles, with long, winged bodies and a pair of thick antennae. 

Bec Crew, Scientific American

  1. Trilobite Beetle larva (Duliticola hoseini) by nickybay on Flickr.
  2. Trilobite Beetle by Kurt ( on Flickr.
  3. Trilobite Beetle larva (Duliticola sp.) by nickybay on Flickr.

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wait wait wait while I’m still having my grumpy day, can I get one more rant in under the wire?

Like, let’s talk about how gaming fandoms often have an official forum that skews heavily male. Let’s talk about how that forum is almost universally an unfriendly locale for female contributors. And let’s talk about how that forum is often the only point of direct contact with devs, and how it shapes their perception of fan preferences and trends, and how that shapes their future work. Let’s talk about how the female-dominated online spaces are considered intrinsically easy to dismiss, the butt of a joke. “Man, tumblr overanalyzes everything and hahaha ships what’s with that anyway. Oh hey so this guy did a sweet 360 noscope montage to dubstep music let’s publicize that!!!”

Let’s talk about how folks in fandom were rewriting ME3 in a massive variety of creative and clever ways for over a year before that one dudebro did it, in horribly out-of-character quasi-prose, and was the subject of front-page Kotaku articles showcasing his devotion to the series. 

Let’s talk about how female-dominated fannish spaces have been around for decades. Let’s talk about how “fans brought back Star Trek in the 70s!” always brings to mind stereotypical Trekkie dudes and not the women who were actually organizing and running conventions.

Let’s talk about how women are over 50% of moviegoers. Let’s talk about how women make up nearly 50% of gamers. Let’s talk about how, despite all this, the industry is still almost entirely guys making content for guys.

I’m just saying. Let’s fucking talk about this.

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